The Benefits Of Installing A Mini-Split System

You have a lot of options for heating and cooling your home. You have choices that include central air conditioning, a furnace, a gas heater, window air conditioning and heating units, room coolers and heaters, and mini-split systems. You may know a good bit about each of these items, except for the mini-split system, which is often used more frequently in commercial or industrial spaces.

A mini-split system can offer big benefits for homes, as any Maricopa HVAC contractor will tell you. Here’s what you need to know about the mini-split system:

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What Is A Mini-Split?

A mini-split system is a heating and cooling system that does not include duct work. Central heating and air has a primary unit that blows the cool or warm air through a series of ducts and into the rooms throughout your home. A mini-split system pumps air directly from units that are mounted to the wall or ceiling, focusing energy on heating or cooling one room.

Mini-split systems are more flexible than central HVAC systems because they do not rely on the ducts. They can be installed directly in the room where the heating and cooling are needed. You are not constrained by the architecture of your home, and you will not have to pay more for your Maricopa HVAC installation.

Another benefit of the mini-split system is that it is more energy-efficient, which will save you money. The heated or cooled air does not have to travel extensively through duct work. It is created and distributed directly in the room where it is needed. Over time, you can save significantly on the heating and cooling costs for your home.

Choosing The Right Mini-Split System

You should always consult with a Maricopa HVAC company to choose the right mini-split system for your home. The experts will walk you through all the considerations in choosing your new system, and they can steer you toward brands and models that they have learned through their experience to be reliable and high-performing.

A primary consideration for choosing your mini-split system will be the size of the room. You don’t need to spend more than you have to on a system that has more power or output than the room needs. You also don’t want to be miserably cold or hot because you choose a mini-split system that isn’t adequate to meet the demands of a larger room.

Typically, mini-split systems are chosen for rooms that have been hard to keep at comfortable temperatures because of some failure in the house’s ductwork or its design, or for large rooms that have multiple zones. They are also popular for enclosed patios, additions, and sheds. They are also installed in homes that don’t have the requisite space to run duct work for a traditional central HVAC system.

Installing a Mini-Split System

Installation for a mini-split system is much easier – and, therefore, less expensive – than a traditional HVAC system thanks to its lack of duct work. However, this is not a DIY job. You need to find the right Maricopa HVAC contractor to help you choose the right mini-split system and then install it properly.

An experienced HVAC contractor in Gilbert has the proper training and skills to install the mini-split system so that it provides consistent performance and has a long life span. The correct installation of the right system can help you maximize your energy efficiency and reduce the maintenance and repair you will have to perform on the system over time. You’ll save money and experience fewer disruptions of service.

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