7 Complications Of An Incorrectly Sized HVAC System

A properly sized HVAC system is the most important aspect of maintaining a comfortable home. Without it, you’ll end up with rising utility bills and constant problems with your home’s comfort level. In short, you must get the right HVAC to ensure that it is operating at peak performance and efficiency.

This article will walk you through some of the common problems that might arise when having an improperly sized HVAC. This way, you will only have to contact Phoenix HVAC Repair when necessary.  

7 Complications Of An Incorrectly Sized HVAC System in Arizona

Poor Performance

An HVAC system that’s too large for your space will cycle on and off too often, leading to energy waste, higher energy bills, and system failures. Your house may also be barely heated or cooled, so you will not feel as comfortable as you’d like.

Overworking your HVAC system is not ideal if you want to make your house feel as comfortable as possible. Besides, operating a unit that’s too big will cool your home fast but mostly unevenly. Be sure to contact an HVAC professional before getting your HVAC system to choose the right one for your house.

Short Cycling

If your HVAC system is too big for the house, it will have too much power. As a result, it will shut the program down before it runs its full cycle, leading to what we call “short cycling”. 

Short cycling happens when the system cools fast, but as soon as it reaches its programmed temperature, it shuts down without finishing the cycle. This issue increases wear and tear on HVAC systems. 

Short cycling usually happens with a wrong-sized unit, hence the importance of having one that suits the space in your house. Always consult an Ahwatukee HVAC Contractor about your HVAC system options. They will know how to guide you and thus find the most appropriate system for your home.

High Energy Bills

This is one of the most common problems of having a wrong-sized HVAC system. When your HVAC system is too small to properly cool your home, your energy bills may be too high. That’s because the system has to work so hard that it uses more electricity than it should.

Moreover, it can overheat and shut down completely on hot summer days, which is very usual in Arizona. Even if you set a programmable thermostat to a comfortable temperature, a wrong-sized HVAC system may never reach that temperature. 

Excess Humidity

With an oversized HVAC system, there will be more short cycling and not enough hours out of the day to bring the temperature down and remove humidity. Therefore, you’ll get that muggy feeling in your house. 

In short, a wrong-sized HVAC system cannot dehumidify as it should, leading to more humidity in the house.

Frequent Repairs

A wrong-sized HVAC works harder than it should, so the risk of damage is higher. Therefore, you will have to do maintenance and repairs often, which means contacting the Queen Creek HVAC Service many times a year.

Although it is always necessary to do HVAC maintenance, it is not pleasant to do it more than necessary, especially for your budget.

Reduced Comfort Levels

If you have an oversized unit, you will experience wider temperature swings, especially in surrounding rooms. Besides, the humidity will make you feel less comfortable than it should. Each time you turn on your air conditioner, it will need at least 10 to 15 minutes to get cold enough to condense water vapor. It will increase the risk of short-cycling, leading to more moisture than desired.

With an undersized HVAC system, you may feel the opposite of high humidity. You will feel extremely dry air, to the point you may experience chronic dry skin and respiratory problems. 

An oversized unit also has less time to filter the air. As a result, more dust will circulate through the indoor air. 

Premature Wear & Tear On Components

Wrong-sized HVACs also lead to constant component damage. Whether an HVAC is too small or too large, many of its components will probably need replacement more than a few times a year

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