Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do Air Conditioners Need To Be Replaced?
Most Air Conditioner units come with warranties of different lengths, and some advertise slightly longer or shorter periods. Conventionally, Air Conditioners last 15 years, give or take a few years. Some units can make it past that length of time, but typically will need more and more repairs, and their efficiency will deteriorate, resulting in higher costs for cooling.

Why Do Air Conditioners Need Annual Maintenance?
Your system has parts that draw air in and expel air out, as well coils for exchanging heat and moisture. When these components are dirty, they work less efficiently, increasing expense. Moreover, dirty air intakes can lead to large, solid dirt deposits, which can clog drainage and gunk up the inner workings of your unit.

How Quick Do You Come Out?
Scheduling can vary, but during Arizona hottest months, we know cooling can be vital to sustaining life in your home, and make every effort to provide service same day, or as soon as possible.

Have More Questions?

Give us a call at 480-360-1234, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.