Easy AC Maintenance: Tips For Replacing Your Air Conditioner Filters

If you’re a homeowner in Arizona, you probably have an air conditioning unit that needs occasional repair and maintenance. One of the most common maintenance needs is air filter replacement. The good news is that this is an easy task! Check out this advice from your Maricopa AC service on when and how to replace your air conditioner filters.

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How Often Should I Change My AC Filter?

The short answer is: it depends. Before you change your AC filter, consider these questions. If you’re still not sure, you can always consult with your Chandler HVAC Contractor for advice.

What Type Of AC Filter Do You Have?

The type of AC filter that your system uses will impact how often the filters need to be replaced.

If your system uses the standard 1-3 inch air filters, they should be changed every 30-60 days, as long as no one in your home suffers from allergies. If anyone in your home has light to moderate allergies, consider changing your AC filter every 3-4 weeks.

If your system uses a media filter, it will only need to be replaced every 6-8 months unless someone in your home smokes or has allergies, you have a lot of pets, or your air quality is poor. These types of filters look similar to the standard pleated filters, but are manufactured differently and last longer.

How Is The Air Quality In Your Home?

Determine whether your home’s air quality is excellent, good, fair, or poor. Have you noticed any unusual smells coming from your HVAC system? If so, contact your Gilbert HVAC repair professionals because your system may need a tune up before the filter is changed.

Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets, you should replace your AC filters more frequently than normal. If you have just one pet, replacing your filter every 60 days is probably sufficient. If you have more pets, you may want to consider changing your AC filter every 20-45 days.

How Many People Live In Your Home?

If you live alone, don’t have pets, and don’t have allergies, you can change your AC filter less frequently, as little as once every 6-12 months. However, if there are multiple people living in your home, changing your AC filter every 4-6 weeks will go a long way toward improving the air quality in your home.

What Is The Level Of Air Pollution Around Your House?

If you live rurally or in a vacation home that is only used occasionally, the air outside your home is probably lower in pollution. If you live in an urban or suburban area, your home is under construction, there is a smoker in your home, you live on a heavily traveled road or near a highway, or if there is another cause of pollution in the area around your home, your Maricopa AC repair professionals will recommend replacing your AC filter as frequently as every 30 days for optimal air quality.

How Can I Find The Right AC Filter For My Home?

There are many filter sizes and options available on the market. Check your air conditioning unit owner’s manual, check the manufacturer’s website, or contact your HVAC service professionals for information on which filter is the right choice for your AC unit. The manufacturer’s website can also help you find a local or online retailer so you can easily purchase the AC filter that you need. Another option is to remove the existing filter and check the side for the label dimensions, which include width, depth, height, along with the brand and style information.

How Do I Change My AC Unit’s Filter?

Most homeowners don’t think much about their AC system until it stops working, but it’s good to utilize proactive maintenance. By changing out a clogged filter, you can improve your unit’s efficiency by as much as 15%, which means reduced utility bills and more effective cooling of your home.

Follow these three steps to change your AC filter:

1. Remove The Old Filter

Locate your air conditioning unit, open it up, and remove the old filter. It should come out easily.

2. Determine Which Type Of Filter Replacement You Need

Examine the filter or check the manufacturer’s website for information on which type of filter your unit requires. Buying an identical filter is a good way to ensure that your system will continue to work well.

3. Install The New Filter

After you’ve purchased a new AC filter, be sure to install it right away! Close the lid of your air conditioning unit. Determine when your next filter should be replaced, and mark the date on your calendar so you don’t forget about the next filter replacement.

Work With Maricopa’s Top Rated AC Service Professionals

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