The Importance Of Regular AC Coil Maintenance For Efficient Cooling

As the warmer months approach, many of us rely on air conditioning to keep our homes cool and comfortable. However, it’s important to remember that air conditioning units require regular maintenance to continue functioning efficiently. 

One essential maintenance task is cleaning the AC coils. AC coils play a crucial role in the cooling process, but over time, they can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, reducing the efficiency of the system and increasing energy consumption. 

In this blog post, a Maricopa HVAC Contractor explores how often you should clean your AC coils to ensure your air conditioning unit is running smoothly and effectively and to avoid potential problems down the line.

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Factors To Consider

So, how often should you clean your AC coils? The answer depends on many factors. This includes the frequency of use, the location, and the amount of dust and debris in the environment.

In general, you should clean your AC coils at least once a year, preferably before the start of the cooling season. However, some situations may require more frequent cleaning.

Here are some factors to consider when determining how often to clean your AC coils:

  • Usage: If you use your air conditioning unit frequently, you may need to clean the coils more often. For example, if you use your AC unit daily during the summer months, you may need to clean the coils two or three times a year.
  • Location: If your air conditioning unit is located in an area with a lot of dust, dirt, or other debris, you may need to clean the coils more often. Before installing an HVAC unit, you can ask a Chandler HVAC Contractor for guidance regarding the location.
  • Pets: If you have pets at home, you may need to clean the coils more often. Pet hair and dander can accumulate and reduce their efficiency.
  • Allergies: If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, you may also need to clean them frequently because you must reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air.
  • AC unit age: If your AC unit is older, it may require more frequent cleaning to maintain optimal performance. The older the unit, the more frequently you’ll have to clean its coils.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your AC coils regularly and clean them as needed. Signs that your AC coils may need cleaning include reduced cooling efficiency, increased energy bills, and unusual noises coming from the unit. Don’t ignore these signs!

If you don’t know how to clean your AC coils or don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, it’s best to hire a professional Gilbert HVAC Contractor to do the job for you.

Can I Clean The Coils Myself?

Yes, of course! Nobody wants to start the summer by spending $150 to clean their air conditioner system. Cleaning ac coils is not as difficult as you might think, and even a newbie can do it. Many of the cleaning supplies you’ll need are most likely lying around your house. All you need for a fantastic deep clean is time, effort, and a few extra supplies to improve indoor air quality.

Coil Cleaning Supplies

AC Coil Cleaners

The first thing you’ll need is a good AC Coil Cleaner. AC Coil cleaners are divided into three styles:

  • Foaming coil cleaner: It’s the most popular. You can find it on amazon or other home stores like Home Depot. 
  • Evaporator coils cleaner: It’s the best coil cleaner to clean ac evaporator coils. 
  • Condenser coils cleaner: As the name implies, you can use this one to clean condenser coils. 

Home Supplies

You’ll also need typical home supplies lying around your house. You should get or buy a cordless drill and a screwdriver from your toolset before getting started.

Remember that if you find it too hard to find the tools and time, you can contact a Maricopa HVAC Contractor to guarantee a successful job.

These are the other tools you may need if you do the process yourself:

  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Nylon scrub brush
  • Vacuum and vacuum extension cord
  • Spray bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Garden hose
  • Coil brush 
  • Fin comb

How To Clean The AC Coils

Step 1: Turn Off The Power

Before you start cleaning your air conditioning unit, turn off the power to the unit at the breaker box or main electrical panel. This will ensure your safety during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Remove Debris

Remove any debris, such as leaves or sticks, from the area around the outdoor unit. This way, the air can flow freely through the HVAC during operation.

Step 3: Remove The Access Panel

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the access panel on the outdoor unit. Gently pull the panel away to expose the coils.

Step 4: Clean The Condenser Coils

Using a garden hose or pressure washer, spray the condenser coils with water to remove any dirt or debris. Apply a coil cleaner solution to the coils, following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Allow the cleaner to sit on the coils for the recommended time, usually 5-10 minutes. Lastly, rinse them with water to remove the solution.

Contact a Chandler HVAC Contractor if you think this step is too complicated. The last thing you want is to ruin the condenser coils. 

Step 5: Clean The Heater Coils

As for the heater coils, you’ll need to remove their access panel. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris. Be careful not to damage the fins on the coils, as they can bend easily.

Step 6: Reassemble The Unit

Once you have finished cleaning the condenser and heater coils, replace the access panels and screws. Turn the power back on at the breaker box or main electrical panel.

Contact A Professional For An HVAC Repair In Arizona

If you notice that your aluminum fins are severely damaged, you won’t be able to repair them with a fin brush. It is best to contact the experts at 911 Air Repair for help! Contact us now to get a quote and fix your AC unit as soon as possible!


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