How Often Should You Service An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are essential appliances in every home. They cool down our homes during hot summers and warm them up during cold winters. But did you know that air conditioning units also require maintenance?

The average lifespan of an AC unit is between 15 and 20 years. Your air conditioner will last longer if you take care of it properly. However, if you don’t regularly check its performance with a Maricopa AC Service, you might face problems later.

Since AC units are prone to wear and tear over time, you must look out for several things to ensure that your unit lasts long. Read below to learn more.

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Thermostat Settings Do Not Accurately Reflect How Your Home Feels

The thermostat is the “boss” of your complete air conditioning system. It is the crucial element that enables your AC to regulate temperature.

Despite its tiny size, the thermostat is responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off. It detects the temperature in the room and instructs the air conditioner to run or stop.

If the temperature is lower than what is set, the thermostat causes the air conditioner to run. The thermostat instructs the AC to shut off when the temperature reaches this setting.

Your thermostat must be well-calibrated to function properly. If your thermostat loses its calibration, it produces false temperature readings. 

For example, if you set your thermostat to 78° F during the summer, it may “believe” the room is already 78° F, even if the temperature is still over the 80s. That happens with a faulty thermostat, making the AC cycle off earlier due to incorrect readings from your thermostat.

A  Chandler AC service can determine whether your thermostat is accurate and, if not, re-calibrate it. A programmable or smart thermostat is an additional option to an outdated manual thermostat.

Your Air Conditioner Frequently Turns On And Off

Your air conditioner may cycle on and off more frequently than usual due to an incorrect thermostat.

This problem, known as short cycling, can cause an air conditioner to run for shorter periods before turning back on after a few minutes. A thermostat that loses its calibration and misreads the temperature can also be a factor.

Your air conditioner is probably short-cycling if it turns on and off at intervals of less than five minutes. As a result, your air conditioner may require repairs or just have the thermostat adjusted.

In any case, an AC tune-up is necessary if there’s short cycling. Keep in mind that short cycling can contribute to increased energy expenditures. Additionally, the higher cycles may put greater stress on your machine, shortening its lifespan.

Your Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air Out

A malfunctioning thermostat can also make your air conditioner blow warm air out. Furthermore, a broken thermostat can trigger the heating mode in AC systems with this capability. In that case, a Maricopa AC service is more than necessary.

Another possible cause is a clogged air conditioner filter, which restricts airflow. Filters keep the parts of an air conditioner free of dust and other debris, but they can eventually get dirty. It may take longer depending on where you live; it may take less time if you live in an area with clean air.

The dirtier an AC filter, the less air gets in and out of the system. As a result, you might think warm air is flowing out of your air conditioner.

Warm air does not always indicate the need for AC repairs, but it does indicate the need for AC maintenance. 

A Lot Of Sneezes

Researchers have found that HVAC system failure can worsen interior air pollution. For instance, blocked vents can lose their ability to move air into and out of your house. This could prevent stale, dirty air from leaving your house.

Poorly maintained air conditioners can also lead to poor indoor air quality. This may happen if the air filter gets too dusty. The cool air created by your air conditioner may become re-aerated with dust and dirt on it.

To avoid this situation, you should contact Chandler AC service as soon as possible.

Remember that poor indoor air quality can cause air conditioning illness. This illness might result in sniffles, coughs, and sneezes as symptoms. Additionally, it could irritate your eyes, nose, and respiratory system.

Low Airflow

This is not the same as the air conditioner pumping out heated air; you will still feel the cool air from the air conditioner. However, since the air will have little power, it might not go very far. As a result, the area directly in front of your air conditioner may feel chilly enough, but areas further away may feel heated.

A residue-ridden air conditioner is one of the leading causes of this problem. 

Your Air Conditioner Emits A Funk Or Foul Odor

If the air conditioner has an unpleasant odor, mold, germs, or even dead animals may be at blame. Your AC may retain molds and bacteria if it’s too humid inside. In addition to the musty smell, your air conditioner may be leaking water.

Animals like mosquitoes and even small rodents can access your air conditioner. They may emit a foul, rotting odor if they die inside the AC.

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