Maricopa’s HVAC Specialists Explain If Homeowners Insurance Covers An AC Repair Or Replacement

Your air conditioner is one of the most expensive components of your home. It can cost hundreds of dollars to repair, and it can cost many thousands to replace (perhaps even tens of thousands). Yet you have to get the repairs in order to protect the life of the air conditioner. If the AC unit needs to be replaced, you can’t put the project off or you’ll be sweating it out in your home (which can actually be dangerous in the Arizona heat).

Your home owner’s insurance may actually provide coverage for the repair or replacement of your air conditioner. You’ll need to talk with a Maricopa AC service to find out what’s going on with your unit, and then talk to your insurance company to find out what your policy covers. Here are a few things that will be considered:


Professional HVAC Specialist Repairing an HVAC System in Maricopa, AZ

Consistency Of Air Conditioning Service

As with other components of your home, you are required to properly maintain them in order for them to qualify for coverage under your homeowners policy. Any HVAC system – or roof, plumbing, electricity, or other home component – is going to wear down and have problems with time. You cannot expect your insurance policy to replace items in your home simply because you neglected them.

Be prepared to answer questions about the maintenance you provided for your HVAC unit, as well as to provide documentation. If you don’t have it, your claim may be denied.

How Old Is The Air Conditioning System

If your HVAC system is older, it may have components that are no longer supported. For example, older HVAC units use toxic substances such as R22 refrigerant that has been shown to cause irreparable damage to the ozone and is now illegal. If your HVAC system uses it – as most systems created before 2004 do – your home owner’s insurance policy is not likely to cover any repairs or upgrades to that system. You would be required to replace the AC unit.

Talk to your Maricopa AC service about what type of unit you have and what it will need, then check in with your insurance company to see if it will be covered.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your HVAC

You may decide that you’ve had enough of spending money on HVAC repair and you’re ready to just replace your unit. But your insurance company may not agree. The insurance company may only agree to making repairs, no matter how old the unit is or how many repairs you have had to make on it.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to do in this case. You’ll need to decide to go ahead with the repair or to spend your own money on the upgrade. Even if you have to pay for the upgrade, it is likely worth it since the recurring problems can decrease your home’s energy efficiency and possibly even cause damage to other elements of your home, causing you more heartache and costing you more money.

You can keep your air conditioner in top condition by getting a regular Maricopa AC service and by making repairs as soon as they are necessary. You’ll not only get better performance out of your HVAC system, but you’ll also protect your ability to get coverage under your home owner’s insurance policy. Review your insurance policy and talk with an insurance rep to learn more about other factors that could affect your coverage. You’ll be in a better position when you do need to make a claim, so that you will have a minimum disruption to your service.

Contact Arizona HVAC Experts

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