Expert Arizona HVAC Contractors Explain 4 Possible Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Working

The hot summer season that Arizona is so well known for is on its way, which means it will soon be time for air conditioners to do the magic that they do every year for our homes and families. After a comfortable winter season without them, most homeowners have temporarily forgotten about their air conditioning units. But on the very hottest summer days here in Arizona, there’s no time for air conditioner problems. Eliminate the need to worry with an experienced Maricopa AC Service ready to help.

Virtually all homes in the United States, and especially within the hot southwest, have some kind of air conditioning or cooling unit. Of course, these units aren’t needed for the winter months. Some homeowners run into trouble when they try to start their air conditioning units back up on that first hot summer day. Maricopa AC Repair is critical for keeping your air conditioner running smoothly.

Like any other electric appliance, air conditioning units need regular maintenance and tune-up. Units with smart gadgets, such as smart AC controllers, will keep you aware of some maintenance issues, but checking up on your own is also smart. This can keep your air conditioner running in tip top condition so your family stays comfortable. Here are some common air conditioning woes and how to solve them with the help of your local Chandler AC service.

4 Possible Reasons Why Your AC Isn't Working In Maricopa, AZ

Common Air Conditioner Problem #1: The Refrigerant Levels Isn’t Cooling Your Air

If you can hear your air conditioning unit running, but no cool air is blowing in your home, it may be time to have the refrigerant levels checked. Refrigerant is the important chemical combination that actually cools the air coming out of your unit. A Maricopa AC Contractor can come to your home to check the refrigerant levels and look further into why your air conditioner isn’t producing cool air.

Common Air Conditioner Problem #2: Your AC Fan Won’t Rotate

A simple potential solution or this common air conditioning problem is that the fan is burned out and needs to be replaced. A second possible reason is that condensation has built up around the fan and is not draining as it should. This can happen if the drain is clogged or restricted in some way. Your Maricopa HVAC company can check over your air conditioner, replace a broken fan, clear out the drain, or provide other troubleshooting and repair if these common problems are not the reason why your fan has stopped rotating.

Common Air Conditioner Problem #3: Check The Thermostat Temperature, Air Filter & AC Size

This may seem obvious, but the first step if your air conditioning unit is not cooling your home or office is to lower the temperature on your thermostat to make sure the air conditioner kicks on. If this doesn’t get your air to cool down, check the air filter. A dirty air filter can cause major troubles in your unit and even lead to needing a replacement if neglected for too long. Another reason that your air conditioning unit can stop cooling is that it is not sized correctly for your home or office. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue with newly constructed homes. Contact a Gilbert AC Service to have your unit doubled checked to verify that it is the right size for your home, or to replace a worn out air filter.

Common Air Conditioner Problem #4: Short Cycling

A short cycling system means that it is turning on and off repeatedly. This can have multiple causes. It could mean that either the condenser or the evaporator on your unit are in need of cleaning. Try cleaning your AC unit and removing any blockages. You can also check on the humidity levels in your home. Many people are surprised to learn that humidity is actually an important part of the home cooling process. If your AC unit cools your home to the right temperature but the humidity quickly warms it back up, your air conditioner could repeatedly turn on and off again while it works hard to keep your home comfortable. A Maricopa HVAC contractor is your best bet to getting your system back on track.

Replace, Repair Or Tune-Up Your AC With The Most Qualified AC Repair Company In Maricopa

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