Arizona’s Harsh Climates & Its Effects On Air Conditioning Units

The southwest region of the United States is the hottest and driest in the entire country. Some people are concerned that climate change will have significant effects on the people who live here. High temperatures will stress your air conditioning unit, so it’s especially important that your systems are up to date, repaired as needed by a Maricopa AC contractor, and carefully maintained. Let’s take a look at the climate in Arizona and what climate control advocates predict we can expect in the future.

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The Climate Of The U.S. Southwest Today

On average over the last thirty years, a person living in the southwest region has experienced 40 days per year where the temperatures surpassed 95 degrees. More specifically, Arizona and Nevada average the hottest within the southwest, with 60-80 days per year of temperatures above 95 degrees. While weather records have only been consistently kept in the last century, this past decade measured the hottest, with temperatures consistently two degrees higher than the average of the previous decades. Overall, there were also more heat waves and fewer cold air periods. Some people believe this to be indicative of climate change within Arizona, Nevada, and California, making a good Maricopa AC contractor more important than ever.

What Climate Change Means For The Future Of The Phoenix Metro Area

Some people are concerned that there will be far more extreme temperature changes as this century continues. Estimates show that there may be as many as 36 days per year where the temperature exceeds 109 degrees. Additionally, concerns about global emissions may also cause increasing temperatures, which some experts have predicted to cause a 6+ degree temperature increase nationwide. For those living throughout the southwest states of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and the drier areas of California, this could become dangerous. Compared with other natural hazards in the US, heat stress caused the most deaths, with Arizona leading all the other states. How will these potentially increasing temperatures affect your Maricopa AC service?

The Impact Of Potential Climate Change On Your AC Unit

Of course, higher temperatures and increasing humidity will impact your energy bills. What many homeowners don’t realize is that these will also stress their AC units, requiring more frequent Maricopa AC repair. When the weather conditions are excessively hot and humid, your AC unit will need to work harder and use more power to keep your home at a safe and comfortable temperature. This will always strain the standard components within your AC. If humidity levels decrease during the winter months, your heating system will also require more power to keep your home comfortable, also stressing your unit and your bills.

While many AC units are designed to withstand high levels of humidity, they are often not able to manage extreme heat. On a very hot day, you’ll know that your AC unit is struggling if your home feels sweaty or musty. You may even be able to see condensation on your windows. Asking a Maricopa AC contractor to install a dehumidifier directly on your AC unit can often help.

The Impact Of Potential Climate Change Outside Your Home

In addition to feeling the strain of your AC unit inside your home, you may also notice issues with the parts of your unit that are outside. With humidity comes dusty air that can clog up your unit. You’ll need to clean your unit, change filters, and sometimes replace parts, so it’s important that you call a Maricopa AC service regularly to keep your AC unit in top condition.

Understanding The AC Unit Rating System

Many homeowners are unaware of AC unit rating systems, and that their local climate affects which rating they should choose for their home. Every heating and cooling system must meet the set requirements for the season energy efficiency ratio (SEER). When you purchase a new unit and have it installed by Maricopa AC installation, it’s important to be aware of these ratings so that you can get the right system for your home and microclimate. If temperatures rise, an older system or inefficient system may not be able to meet with the demands. Sometimes a repair can improve the performance of your system, and sometimes a replacement is a better option.

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