How To Keep Your Air Conditioner From Overheating In Arizona

An air conditioning unit that overheats is a big problem in an Arizona summer! Your AC unit has just one goal, which is to make you feel cool, happy, and comfortable. You may be surprised to learn that your AC will stop at nothing to reach this goal and try to maintain the temperature on your thermostat, even if it means burning itself out while trying. An air conditioning unit will overheat when one or more of its components is not working the way it’s intended to. When that happens, the system will work overtime to try to compensate, leading to excessive energy consumption (which will be reflected in your monthly utility bills!). Eventually, your unit will overheat. Sometimes, overheating will simply trip a breaker. Other times, it will break down and need repair or replacement from Maricopa AC repair company. Fortunately for you, overheating can be prevented with these maintenance tips and professional tune-up service, so you can have a happy air conditioner that will power through our hot summers.

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner From Overheating In Arizona

Replace The Air Filter

A dirty air filter will clog up your AC unit, forcing it to run longer than it needs to. This will put unhelpful strain on your unit and increase your utility bills. To prevent this from happening, replace your unit’s air filter once a month during the summer. Replacing your air filter can easily be done by yourself without the help of a Gilbert AC contractor.

Keep The Condenser Coils Clean

You can find the condenser coil on the outside part of your air conditioning unit, or you can ask your HVAC contractor to show you where it is. These coils dispel the heat so that your AC unit functions well. However, when the coils get dirty, they act as insulators, which will keep the heat inside. Meanwhile, your AC will be straining itself to continue trying to reach the cool temperature you’ve set on your thermostat, causing a vicious cycle that will eventually cause overheating and damage to your unit. To prevent this, clean off your condenser coils regularly.

Check If Your AC Is Low On Refrigerant

Refrigerant, which is the chemical compound that actually makes the cool air, is not supposed to run out. Your system contains the perfect amount it’s supposed to hold, called a “charge.” The only way that your unit will run out of refrigerant is if it has a leak or was not properly charged when it was installed. Since leaks only continue to get worse, never better, it will only continue to leak more and more refrigerant as time goes on. Your AC unit cannot function without refrigerant and will keep working tirelessly trying to move the reduced amount of refrigerant through the system. This is a major problem that will need Chandler AC repair to fix so that your unit can keep your home cool, so don’t hesitate to call if you notice any leaking or if your air is not as cool as it should be.

Clean The Fan Blades

You’ll want the fan blades inside your AC unit to work efficiently. Excess dust and dirt will add extra weight to the blades, making them less efficient and harder for your system to keep moving. Sometimes, debris can get lodged inside the system, preventing the fan blades from moving quickly or even at all. When the motor has to work harder than it should to move the fan blades, your unit will end up burning out. Keep the blades clean by wiping them or blowing them off with a leaf blower, and check carefully for sticks, animal nests, or other intruders inside your unit that could inhibit the fan blades. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask your Maricopa AC contractor to show you at your next tune-up appointment.

Consider Your Air Conditioner’s Age

It’s understandable that your AC unit will have to work extra hard during the very hot summer months. While AC units are designed to withstand intense heat and work efficiently even on the very hottest Arizona summer days, a unit that has already provided many years of loyal service will likely be more susceptible to overheating. Consider the age of your unit and ask your Gilbert AC service whether they recommend replacing it for optimal functioning.

Give Your HVAC Regular Tune-Ups

It’s ideal to keep up with regular DIY and professional unit maintenance. If your system hasn’t been maintained well, it may have a harder time functioning than it should and become prone to overheating. A unit that’s not in top condition will not work as well through the summer months. See your Chandler HVAC company for a tune-up and personalized recommendations for keeping your AC unit running strong throughout the summer!

Hire a Top Rated AC Repair Company In Maricopa

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