When Is The Best Time To Get To Replace Your AC Unit?

Air conditioning is one of the most important appliances in a home. It regulates the temperature inside and outside your house, making it easier to live in hot or cold weather.

But like any mechanical appliance, it can age and eventually break down, leading to high energy bills and less comfort. So, what is the best time to replace the air conditioner? 

The answer depends on many factors that we will explain in this article. This way, you’ll be ready to call a Maricopa AC Service once you’re ready. 

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Lifespan Of A Central Air Conditioner

An air conditioning system has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. When deciding whether to invest in a replacement unit, one of the more crucial variables to take into account is the lifespan of the central air conditioner. If your appliance is more than ten years old, you should consider replacing it rather than just fixing it. 

Approximately 44% of your utility costs go toward heating and cooling. Your air conditioning system might not be working properly if you’re paying more than the local average.

Older air conditioning systems also use R22, a refrigerant that will be phased out in the coming years to comply with environmental requirements. Replacing this coolant in outdated air conditioning units with one that meets these criteria is costly, and because R22 is being phased out, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find. All modern air conditioners are designed to adhere to these rules and are significantly more energy-efficient than older models. 

They are also significantly more eco-friendly because they emit fewer carbon emissions when using the right refrigerant.

The interior air quality of your home will noticeably improve after installing a new air system with a reliable Chandler HVAC Service. Moreover, the value of your house will also increase. 

If Repair Costs As Much As Replacement

Add up the repairs you’ve made during the past 12 months and calculate the planned repairs and maintenance for the upcoming 12 months. Get a price for the AC installation of the system you want next. When you know both costs, you may contrast the price of replacement with the price of repairs.

Your AC unit may need a replacement if the cost of repairs begins to approach 50% of those for the replacement.

If it costs you $2,500 to $5,000 to maintain your air conditioning unit every year or two, picking the higher-value installation choice will save you money on repairs.

When Repairs Are No Longer Effective

If you’ve spent a lot of money on maintenance and your HVAC is still not performing as it used to, it might be too late. It could be pointless to keep trying to fix it. 

Repairs should ensure that your air conditioner continues to function properly. That implies maintaining your home fresh during the heat. Therefore, a new model might be the solution if repairs don’t seem to be working anymore.

Contacting a Gilbert HVAC Service to install a new HVAC might be the best solution to make your house comfortable again.

Excessive Dust & Noise

Accumulated dust, even after cleaning, indicates that there are ducting leaks in your house. These leaks will decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning system, raising operating costs. 

If your air conditioner is unusually noisy, your duct system might not be big enough for the square footage of your house. Another possibility is that the indoor coil of the unit is malfunctioning.

In either case, your HVAC unit might need a replacement. 

Inconsistent Cooling & Humidity Levels

The air conditioner in your home is designed to take humidity out of the air since too much humidity makes a space feel stuffier. When it works, the unit keeps the house’s temperatures consistent. 

If the cooling component of your HVAC system cannot do these tasks, there may be a problem with your ductwork or a malfunction with your equipment. 

Consider how much it would cost to fix these issues and whether the cost of central air conditioning repair is justified or not.

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