HVAC System Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Having white noise as a background can help you sleep, and the low humming noise of your AC unit is the best tool for it. However, listening to a comforting sound is not the same as hearing a strange buzzing or banging.

You should not ignore your HVAC system if it makes weird noises. When your car starts to make concerning sounds, you call an expert to get your car repaired ASAP. You must apply the same principle to your air conditioner. Ignoring the sounds can worsen the problem in the machine. 

Any new weird noises from your air conditioner should indicate an immediate call to a Ahwatukee AC repair service. But, before calling the technician, see below the list with the sounds we are talking about. 

HVAC System Sounds You Should Never Ignore in Maricopa, AZ

Hissing Or Bubbling Sounds

If your air conditioner works properly, you should hear a low hum when you turn it on and start to cool or heat your house. But, if that low hum turns into a loud hissing sound, there may be a concerning issue with your HVAC.

Hissing or bubbling sounds usually indicate a refrigerant leak. Gaseous refrigerant leaks create that strange hissing sound. Bubbling sounds come from the liquid form of the refrigerant when it starts leaking. The air getting trapped into the line makes the bubbling noise you hear.

In short, a hissing or bubbling sound in your HVAC system may indicate you have air leaking. It can also indicate you have an issue with the refrigerant. Either way, you must call a technician to check the system and repair the affected components if necessary.

Clicking Or Rattling Noises

You probably hear a clicking noise when turning your system on and off, and you don’t have to be scared in that case. But be aware if you hear the clicking sound often, even after turning your system off.

Call a Gilbert HVAC Contractor once you hear a strange clicking sound from your HVAC system. 

Do the same if it sounds like something is inside your HVAC system. If you hear something is being shaken around, it probably is! 

Loose screws and bolts can create rattling noises when your air conditioner is in use. Call a technician to check the issue and repair the AC system immediately. 

Heavy Banging Sounds

Is your air conditioner unit producing loud banging noises? If you hear those noises, shut off the power immediately to avoid worsening the problem.

Banging sounds normally mean there’s a loose component in the unit. It may be the motor or the blower. 

The compressor within the HVAC unit may be another component to blame. This component is crucial for your air conditioner because it cannot work without an active compressor. 

You may need to replace the entire unit if you ignore the bagging sounds. Call an HVAC technician as soon as possible to check that sound and get your unit repaired without more damage. 

Buzzing Or Screeching Sounds

Buzzing sounds can mean many things like broken parts or loose wiring. In some cases, you may only need to replace the air filter. However, you should always call a Chandler HVAC Company to get your HVAC unit checked, especially if you already have cleaned and replaced the air filter. 

The same applies if your HVAC unit creates a weird screeching sound. This sound means a piece of metal is scraping another one. This can be caused by a fan blade scratching its housing, or a dry blower motor belt. 

In either case, you should contact a professional to get your air conditioner checked and see what is the real issue. You should never ignore these sounds, otherwise, the problem could get worse over time. 

Contact A Professional For An AC Repair In Maricopa

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