HVAC Demand & Supply Shortages Spikes During The Pandemic

Nearly two years into the global COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of life are slowly returning to the normal life we knew before. But it’s very likely that some parts of the pre-COVID world won’t be returning. The 2020 lockdowns led to a global upheaval in many ways and resulted in significant changes that we are still feeling in our daily lives. Circumstances have changed drastically for our country, for business owners, for customers, and for individuals. 

An altered supply chain is probably one of the most widespread effects of pandemic-related stoppages in work and manufacturing. Beginning in March 2020, most businesses found themselves short staffed or unable to run at full capacity for a wide variety of reasons. Some companies temporarily stopped producing products while others transitioned their employees to full time work from home. This meant that production, manufacture, and distribution of basic materials, including plastics and metals, stopped altogether for weeks or even months. As a result, Gilbert AC service has seen supplier constraints along with a major increase in the cost of materials. While these changes in supply and distribution have not necessarily been highly disruptive in every situation, they have certainly affected the way our industry functions. Supply chain issues are likely to stay with us for some time as we continue to recover from COVID-19 restrictions.

When their air conditioning unit breaks, most people are used to calling their Ahwatukee AC contractor, getting the part they need, and having the repair finished within a day or two. While our commitment to quality service has not changed, shifts in the supply chain mean that sometimes it takes longer to get materials than it used to. 

Labor & Supply Shortages Spikes During The Pandemic

COVID-19 Impacts On The HVAC Industry

Although the US economy has successfully come out of the COVID-19 recession, we as a nation are still facing a significant shortage of labor. And that isn’t just happening in manufacturing. We are seeing it across the board in retail, service, hospitality, and other industries as well. Post-pandemic shifts in the workforce have left jobs unfilled, directly impacting the speed of manufacturing, production, and service. 

Unfortunately, a cascading effect is felt by Maricopa HVAC company and the entire HVAC industry, and is passed on to our clients. When manufacturing is affected by worker shortage and supply chain delays, every supplier who is awaiting units and repair parts is affected as well. This is passed down to customers who are unsure when their installation or repairs can be completed. The delay is frustrating and felt by everyone involved in the process. 

Additionally, supply chain delays mean shipping delays, causing the price of available commodities to increase. Budgets and expectations need to be adjusted across the board. Simple commodities that were once obtained quickly and easily now cost more than they did a year or two ago. Even if the price is unchanged, the wait time is usually increased, leading to delays that ultimately impact customers more than anyone. 

It’s likely that supply chain constraints will continue to some extent over the coming months or years. This is because there are so many factors at play all at once: manufacturing, shipping, procurement, installation, and service are all trying to catch up on their schedule. As long as the demand remains, the ability to get products and schedules aligned with customers’ needs will continue to be a challenge. 

So What Can Customers Do?

Businesses and customers who remain proactive, rather than reactive, will fare better throughout this supply chain crisis. Taking action today will mean fewer problems down the road. Work with your Chandler HVAC contractor to maintain and repair your air conditioning unit now, when needs are less urgent, rather than waiting until the Arizona summer arrives and you need immediate repair on your air conditioning unit. Not only will you save stress and headaches later when the needs are urgent, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you are prepared for the heat. Property owners and homeowners should take time to assess the age, condition, and efficiency of their air conditioning units so they can plan ahead for replacement or repair needs. 

The future isn’t all gloom and doom. Being proactive during the off season is the best way for homeowners and landlords to be prepared for summertime needs. Scheduling and planning now will give you control over your HVAC system so you can stay cool and comfortable all summer long. 

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